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We have always believed that unity is strength. However, more than never do we feel that the merger of three great companies would give us wider vision of new horizons to reach out. This way, Miranti Furniture, Três S and Miranti Truckload Services have decided to do what they can do best, but in a cooperative basis, thus creating a solid base for a great future.

Miranti Group is now a full-service supplier, capable of supplying all demands by companies regarding office furniture in an efficient manner. Besides, it has now an extensive capacity to develop innovative products, focused on a promising future which we can already foresee.

Miranti, which has been operating since 2001 in the manufacture of corporate furniture, has built the experience, qualification and modern structure throughout its journey which make it a relevant company in its sector nowadays. Its well-developed industrial facilities, as well as its vast experience, ensure the company is seen as a model of quality and excellence.

Its furniture, in turn, is developed under the greatest quality standards so as to allow various possibilities of customization due to its versatility and modular design. Such characteristics, together with Miranti’s innovative DNA, guarantee good acceptance and strong representativeness of its product in market performance.

The solidity and quality that its products present are not Miranti’s only differentials. It counts on its own carrier integrated with its factory, which ensures agility and punctuality even in the delivery of large orders. The company also constantly invests in innovation and staff qualification, as well as permanent commitment in seeking for improving its products and services.

Such characteristics, however, are not the only ones to guide Miranti. Since the beginning, the company has developed entire rooms which bring delight to work by producing not only furniture, but also lively offices.

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Besides the versatility and variety of products made available by Miranti, we have certifications which attest Miranti’s quality and commitment to its products, services, customers and employees.


Produced with the best materials available, certified according to precedence and ecological standards and respecting anthropometric standards and ergonomic concern, Miranti furniture feature contemporary feel and great cost-benefit ratio, reflecting the daily needs of offices.

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